February 27

Looking for another club hike


We started with the Rainbow Club and added the Trifecta, but now we would like to give our runners a second option for a club hike. Our question for you is, what hike do you think it should be?

There are a few guidelines. The hike must be iconic to Lake Powell. It must also be challenging enough to deserve an award, while still being doable after running a half marathon.

The same rules would apply as the Rainbow Club: Any runners that take the challenge and complete the hike within 72 hours of running the race will be given 50% off registration for next year’s race, provided they take a picture of themselves at the site which includes:

1) A clear view of their face

2) Their bib with bib numbers clearly visible

3) Their finisher medal in plain view

Let us know what you think! What are your favorite hikes at Lake Powell?


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