February 28

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…but our new site is going to be great!

For now, here are some helpful links to our race pages, merchandise store, and sponsors.

Our 2014 Races:

The Zion Half Marathon – SOLD OUT
The Grand Canyon Half Marathon
The Yellowstone Half Marathon – SOLD OUT
The Rocky Mountain Half Marathon
The Great Smoky Mountain Half Marathon
The Lake Powell Half

Gear up for your next race at ourĀ Merchandise Store!

Our Sponsors:





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Salem Stanley – Founder/ CEO
Sponsorship and Sales
phone: 949-295-3302
email: salem@www.vacationraces.com

Customer Service
Registration, refunds, travel
phone: 619-567-9191
email: salem@www.vacationraces.com

Lyle Anderson – Race Operations
Race logistics and expos
phone: 435-313-0019
email: lyle@www.vacationraces.com

Megan Stanley – Merchandise Manager
Store and merchandise
phone: 949-859-1403
email: megan@www.vacationraces.com

Dehn Craig – Marketing Director
Advertising, Content, Social
phone: 775-544-1139
email: dehn@www.vacationraces.com

Robin Rodgers – Marketing Communications
Website and Blogging
phone: 903-353-4298
email: robin@www.vacationraces.com


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