March 5

call for volunteers!


CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS! There are a lot of things that need to happen to pull off a race and we are asking for volunteers to help us make it happen. We offer great incentives to volunteers, like these sweet t-shirts, 50% OFF race entry for any of our races in the next 12 months (including the 2015 Zion Half), our undying love, etc.

If you will be in the area either because you’re a local or you love Zion or you are cheering on family or friends, we could use your help.  We have jobs on both Friday and Saturday that we could use your help with. Sign up with a friend and hang out with us for a few hours. We have different jobs and different shifts. Find something that works for you. Anybody can help.



Bib Pickup: We need people to ID the runners, find their bib, and explain the check in process. You will be indoors and sitting for most of the time.

Race Shirts: We need people to help runners get their race shirts. After runners get their bib, they will come to you retrieve their race shirt. You will take their ticket from their bib and exchange it for the appropriate shirt size. You will be indoors and on your feet most of the time.

HydraPouch: About 70% of our runners will need to pick up a HydraPouch. They will have a ticket on their bib that you will exchange for the HydraPouch. You will also need to show people how to use it(it is super easy to learn). We will have an aid station setup at the Expo for runners to practice using their HydraPouch. We will need you to help keep the water coolers full.

Shuttle Check in: We need people to check runners in for the shuttle and handout shuttle passes. You will be indoors and sitting for most of the time.

Starting Line Setup: We need a few people to help setup staging (cones, barricades, etc) for the race starting line in Virgin.

Finish Line Setup: We need a few people to help put barricades in place for the race finish line as well as setup tables for the finish line as well. It should only take about 90 minutes on Friday Afternoon.


Shuttles: We need help checking people in, and loading the shuttles before the race. Very early job, but you will be done very early as well.

Parking: We need a few brave souls to help runners park on race morning. It is a early morning job, but you will be done early as well. You should be able to make it to the finish line in time to watch a friend or family member finish, unless they are planning to win the race.

Gear Check: We need a few people at the starting line, and the finish line to take runner’s gear check bags (before the race) and hand them back (after the race).

Aid Stations: Volunteers will need to be at the aid stations early, and make sure runners have what they need. The aid stations are self serve so you will not be handing out water. You will only make sure the water coolers are full.

Course Control: We need a few volunteers to help with road crossings through the town of Springdale.

Finish Line Food: We need help at the finish line setting up tables for the post race food boxes.

Finisher Medals: We need energetic people to hand out finisher medals as our runners cross the finish line!

Clean up: We need help cleaning up. Its a lot easier than it sounds, but we need help taking down barricades and tables. We’d love your help!


Thank you all so much for your help!


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