March 13

Introducing The Antelope Club!


Antelope Canyon is one of the most-visited and most interesting places in the United States and the world. The famous slot canyon was created by erosion of the Navajo sandstone, mostly by flash flooding.


We like to encourage our runners to get out and enjoy the area where we hold our races, so we designate a certain hike to be our official race hike each year.

This year, we are excited to introduce the Antelope Club!

Any runners that take the challenge and complete the hike within 72 hours of running the race will be given 50% off registration for next year’s race! All you have to do is take a picture of yourself in Antelope Canyon which includes:

1) A clear view of your face

2) Your bib with bib numbers clearly visible

3) Your finisher medal in plain view

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to see this beautiful canyon and also get 50% off next year’s registration!

Following the 2014 Lake Powell Half Marathon, we will put a link on our “Clubs and Trifecta” page where you can submit your pictures.


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