March 25

2014 Postmortem


[nzs_heading heading=”5″] Thanks to everyone for a great race! [/nzs_heading]
What an awesome weekend! We had so much fun putting on the race and getting to know some of you. And of course we had a blast spending time in Zion. We hope you were all able to enjoy the park.

Thanks so much to all of our runners. I loved getting to do post-race interviews with some of you. Thank you for the kind words and the enthusiasm you had for this course. We also want to thank our amazing volunteers! You were a huge help to us and your hard work made the expo and race great.

We will be sending out a post-race survey in a few days to our runners so we can get your feedback. Your feedback is critical to us. We take it to heart and do our best to improve our races. We would really appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to let us know how your race experience was and take our survey when we send it out.

[nzs_heading heading=”5″] Improvements needed [/nzs_heading]
There were a few things that we felt we improved on last year’s race, but still┬áthere were a few issues we identified that need to be addressed. First, there was a wait for porta potties at the starting line as well as mile 3 and mile 5. We don’t ever want that to happen, and this will shape our aid-station plan for 2015.

Second, even though we tried to choke the start of the race, the course was still more congested than we want. Considering we have plans to grow the race, we will make sure fixing this issue is a priority.

Third, this was an incredibly busy time for the park itself. As you know, it is a big deal to us that our runners have ample time to explore Zion. We’re considering holding the race a few weeks earlier so that the park is less crowded. The biggest downside is the weather can be a little more fickle (read colder), but we could also start an hour earlier due to Daylight Savings, so it may be a wash. Let us know how you feel about moving the weekend up to March 7th in 2015.

I hope you will all take the survey and let us know how we did this year. Now rest up! You worked hard and played hard – you deserve it!

[nzs_heading heading=”5″] Some reminders [/nzs_heading]
**Remember to submit your photos to join the Angels Club here and for the Zion Trifecta here┬ábefore 11am (MST) today. Unfortunately we discovered our submission form did not work on some mobile devices, so if you can’t get to a computer then email the pictures to – sorry for the inconvenience.

**If you were unable to stay for the awards ceremony and would like us to ship your medal to you, you can do that here.

**Race pictures from Lucid Images will be available tomorrow. You can search for pictures using your name or bib number.

**We are going through our merchandise today and will update our online store shortly.


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