March 27

The Chimney Club


One of our main goals of our national parks races is to make sure our runners have ample time to explore each park. It would totally bum me out to hear that someone ran the Great Smoky Mountains and didn’t even enter the park. So we offer an official race hike each year as an added challenge to our runners. This year, it will be Chimney Tops Trail.

For additional motivation, we’ll give anyone who joins the club 50% off next year’s registration!

We just need a picture of yourself from Chimney Tops within 72 hours of the end of the race which includes:

  1. A clear view of your face
  2. Your bib with bib numbers clearly visible
  3. Your finisher medal in plain view
  4. A clear background that shows you actually reached the top.

We will post all those pictures along with the runners name and city to forever be immortalized on our website. A link to a submission page will be provided on our Club and Trifecta page following the inaugural race.

This hike is challenging and dangerous. Please take the hike seriously, and do not act irresponsibly if you decide to attempt the hike. It is not intended to be accessible to everyone. Also, bring way more water than you think you need.

So… Are you hard core enough??


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