April 17

A Cup Free Race


Did you know that we don’t use plastic cups on our courses? We do this first and foremost for the preservation of the land where we run. We run near some of the most beautiful nature in the country and keeping that land clean is a big deal to us. Our system has been a huge success at all of our races so far. Trash left on the course has consistently amounted to about a handful of Vfuel packets.

[nzs_heading heading=”6″] HYDRAPOUCH [/nzs_heading]
What we do is buy a hydrapouch for everyone who wants one and include it in your racer bag. When you register we will ask you to indicate whether you want a hydrapouch or not. You also have the option to bring your own system. It can be anything that works for you, so long as it does not produce trash.

We then have self-serve water stations set up along each course. We keep a sleeve or two of cups at each station in case of emergency, like if your belt falls off, or you lose your bottle. The cups are really there only for emergency, but are available. The only real issue with hydrapouch is that you really can’t train with it before you pick it up with your bib. We’ll have a place set up where you can practice with it at the Expo. If this is a dealbreaker, be sure to come prepared with your own system.

You can learn more about our cupless policy on our policies page.


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