April 29

8 Things to do in Estes Park


Are you looking for more things to fill your trip with? There’s actually a lot more to do in Estes Park than resting up before your next sojourn into Rocky Mountain National Park. Here are 8 alternative suggestions for things to do when you’re here for the race. The first 4 are things that can be done year-round, while the last 4 are events happening the weekend of the Rocky Mountain Half!

[nzs_heading heading=”5″] 1 – Fun Tyme Trolleys [/nzs_heading]

If you’re burnt out from running and hiking, but you still want a taste of the town then the folks at Fun Tyme Trolleys can help you out. For about $20 you can get a trolley tour of Historic Estes Park. For $30 you can get a tour of the Rocky Mountains. The owners are life-long residents of Estes Park so their tours are knowledgeable. Each tour will take about 2 hours.

[nzs_heading heading=”5″] 2 – The Stanley Hotel [/nzs_heading]

Even if you’re not staying at the Stanley Hotel during your visit, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it out. There’s so much history there! They offer an array of tours, including several ghost and paranormal themed tours! I may need to add the ghost hunting tour to my own itinerary. Prices range from $50 to $5, depending on the tour. If you’re not familiar with the hotel, you can read up on the blog post Dehn put together last year. It’s super interesting stuff!

[nzs_heading heading=”5″] 3 – The Macdonald Bookstore [/nzs_heading]
This bookstore was started by the Macdonald family in 1928 when they opened a small book shop in the parlor of their home. It’s still open for business and still run by the family. They sell a wide variety of books, including many on the history of the area. If you’re a bookworm and/or history buff, you’ll likely find this little shop to be worth your time.

[nzs_heading heading=”5″] 4 – SK Horses [/nzs_heading]
This local company offers several tours with different times and pricing options. Some tours are in town, some are in the surrounding forrest, and you can even ride through the National Park! All abilities and ages are welcome. Prices range between $12 and $130 depending on how long you want to ride and where.

[nzs_heading heading=”5″] 5 – Estes Park Festival II Hunter Jumper Show [/nzs_heading]
Speaking of horses, have you ever seen a jumper show? There will be one going on the weekend of the Rocky Mountain Half! July 30 – August 3, starting at 9 am, you can watch skilled riders guide their horses through a jump course. The show will be at the fairgrounds and admission is free!

[nzs_heading heading=”5″] 6 – Taste of Shakespeare: Comedy of Errors [/nzs_heading]
How about watching a Shakespeare performance in Estes Park for free? There will be a free performance of Comedy of Errors in Performance Park at 2 pm the day of the Rocky Mountain Half. I know- that’s a bit of a hustle, especially if you just finished a half marathon. But this is the kind of thing I’m always bummed to find out about after the fact.

[nzs_heading heading=”5″] 7 – Estes Park Summer Art Walk [/nzs_heading]
I’m a huge fan of art walks. These are self-guided tours where you stroll through town and browse galleries and exhibits by the local artists. The Estes Park Summer Art Walk will be going on from June 28 to September 1, so stop by during your stay in August. You can pick up a map at the Estes Park Visitors Center.

[nzs_heading heading=”5″] 8 – Barlow Plaza with Magician Bradley Mayhew [/nzs_heading]
My last suggestion is a bit off-beat, I know. But if you have kids and you’re sticking around until Sunday or Monday, why not try out a free magic show? The show starts at 5:30 pm on August 3rd at Barlow Plaza between to italian restaurants. This could be a nice close to your trip at Estes Park.

We’re always looking for local expertise when it comes to things to do at our races. Did I miss anything? Have you been to one of these places or events and have some feedback? Let us know!


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