May 6

Registration Update


With around 40 days left before the inaugural Yellowstone Half Marathon, registration is full! Well… full is a loose term. We still have 50 spots left, so don’t hesitate to register if you’re still on the fence! It’s going to be a spectacular race.

So far we have 87 teams registered, which is awesome. However, 28 of those teams have less than six members. According to our team policy, only teams with six or more members can qualify for team awards and the team discount. Please be sure to remind your teammates to register so you avoid extra charges at bib pickup!

Runners are coming from almost every state and 5 other countries! Be sure to check out our Travel Info page for general directions.

See some more info on your fellow runners in the inforgraph below!


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  • this is going to be so awesome..lived in wyoming since 1987 and have never been to yellowstone…now i get to run thru the forest yelling at the trees if i want….so freaking excited……my first 1/2..!!!

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