May 23

Introducing The Osprey Club


As you know, we have an official club hike and trifecta for the Yellowstone Half. Our club hike, The Washburn Club, was announced back in September. As we’ve gotten closer to race weekend, we’ve realized Washburn is likely going to be covered in snow and therefore MUCH more difficult to hike than we anticipated. Hiking Washburn is not off the table, but if you weren’t anticipating snow either, we’ve come up with an alternative.

This hike to Osprey Falls will work just like the Wasburn Club. I’ve outlined the rules and prizes at the bottom of this post. This year, you will be able to do either hike and get the prizes, but no double dipping. If you do both hikes and the trifecta, you’ll still only get 50% off, though we will give you MAJOR kudos.

[nzs_heading heading=”5″] About the hike [/nzs_heading]
The hike to Osprey Falls starts 5 miles south of Mammoth on the Old Bunsen Peak Road Trail and is 8 miles round trip. The trail follows the old roadbed for 2.5 miles through grassland and burnt forest, and then follows the canyon rim for a half mile. Some hikers recommend that you bike this part of the hike, though it’s not required that you do. There is a place to chain mountain bikes as you approach Sheepeater Canyon which you’ll hike into to arrive at the falls.

Sheepeater Canyon is the second largest canyon in Yellowstone (the largest is the Little Grand Canyon). The trail veers off the old road and follows the rim of Sheepeater Canyon before descending in a series of switchbacks to the bottom. There are about 11 switchbacks in total, amounting to a mile of trail. The switchbacks are VERY thin, sometimes less than a foot wide. The trail ends about 30 feet from the falls, but previous hikes say you can hike to the base of the falls if you’re cautious. You can find pictures outlining the trail here.

You should bring WAY more water than you think you need. The altitude is high and the climate is dry, so dehydration happens fast. You should also start earlier in the day, as it does get hot in the summer.

[nzs_heading heading=”5″] Rules and Prizes [/nzs_heading]
The same rules and prizes will apply as the Washburn Club. Any runner who sends us a picture of themselves from Osprey Falls within 72 hours of the end of the race which includes:

  1. A clear view of your face
  2. Your bib with bib numbers clearly visible
  3. Your finisher medal in plain view
  4. A clear background that shows you actually completed the hike

will join the Osprey Club and forever be immortalized on our website. We will post all those pictures on our website along with the runners name and city. You will also get a free water bottle from Ultraspire. Following your induction into the club, you will receive an email from them with a coupon code. You will still be responsible for paying shipping and handling costs (about $5).

Additionally, those runner’s will get 50% OFF┬áthe next year’s registration.


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