May 29

The Expo


The Yellowstone Half Expo will be at the Union Pacific Dining Lodge on Friday, June 13th from 11am -6pm (vendors will leave at 6, but you can still pickup your packet until 7). The Lodge is located just west of the police station and the Union Pacific Museum at 298 Yellowstone Avenue in West Yellowstone. We encourage you to come to the expo on June 13, and not just so you can pick up your packet. There will be a lot to do and see!

[nzs_heading heading=”5″] Historic Union Pacific Dining Lodge [/nzs_heading]

The Union Pacific Dining Lodge, located just west of the police station and the Union Pacific Museum, was constructed in 1908 with only a kitchen and a serving area. As the new railroad began to bring more people into West Yellowstone more room was needed to serve it’s guests so by 1925 the dining lodge that could serve up to a thousand meals per day was completed. There have been few modifications since the lodge opened in 1926.

[nzs_heading heading=”5″] Bear Training and Bird Demonstration[/nzs_heading]

We will have bear awareness training at the expo, since bears are abundant in West Yellowstone. We’re still trying to nail down a time, but as soon as we do, we’ll announce it.

The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center will be doing a Bird demonstration on the front lawn starting at 3:30pm. Very cool.

[nzs_heading heading=”5″] Vendors[/nzs_heading]

As far as vendors go, we’ll have the Bozeman Running Company, Bondi Bands, Sauce Headwear and more! And don’t forget to stop by the Vacation Races Merchandise stand. Megan has some really great Yellowstone merch you won’t want to miss!


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