May 29

Ultraspire is helping us stay cupless!


We have consistently received positive feedback on our cup-free races. Runners love the cleanliness and safety of our courses as well as how well we stock our aid stations. However, the Hydrapouch which we offer gets mixed reviews. Some people love it, some people don’t. The problem is that race day is often their first time using the Hydrapouch. It isn’t difficult, but if you are using it for the first time in the middle of your race it can cause some frustration.

This is where Ultraspire comes in. To anyone registered for the Rocky Mountain Half, we are offering 2 different handheld hydration bottles from Ultraspire at a 50% discount to what they are normally sold for. The best part is we will ship it to you right away so you can start training with it NOW! Bring it with you to the race and run with piece of mind, knowing hydration will be the last of your worries during your race. These are great running water bottles and a GREAT deal!


This deal only lasts until the end of June! Be sure to purchase yours before July 1st!

Since this deal is restricted to those registered for the race, we’ve made the coupon code the same as your confirmation number. If you can’t find your confirmation number, you can use the resend form to the right of this post. Order yours today.


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