June 3

Some Things To Know About The Course


ys aid station

We have put together this little Aid Station Guide from the course map, because the last thing you should be worrying about when running your race is how long you’re going to have to hold it until the next bathroom! We will have aid stations at mile 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 12. You’ll notice the exact mileage listed on the above map (i.e. the aid station at mile 7 is really 6.87 miles into the course). Except for a few exceptions, we will have water, nuun (electrolyte drink), VFuel (gu packets), and bathrooms at every aid station (as well as bug spray and bear spray). Here are a couple things you should be aware of:

  • Mile 9: The aid station at mile 9 is remote. We cannot get cars to it and will be biking in the aid station. That means that this aid station will be WATER ONLY – no nuun, no bathrooms, etc. There will be water but it will be a little limited. We just wanted you to know ahead of time so you can plan accordingly (if you’re caring a handheld water bottle maybe fill up at mile 7, etc.).
  • Mile 5 and 11: The aid stations at Mile 5 and 11 (which are the same aid station) will have an EMT and fresh oranges and bananas. Each aid station will have basic first aid, but the EMT will only be at this station.
  • Course Conditions: This is a beautiful course and very remote and peaceful. A few weeks ago there were parts of the course that were under snow. With all the warm weather we expect all the snow to be cleared, but there will likely be muddy sections of the course. This isn’t necessarily a trail run, but there are parts that can be a little technical. If you’re more comfortable running in the dirt in trail shoes, this would be a good course to wear them. Our race director says regular running shoes are totally fine. This course is less technical than our last race at the Grand Canyon, but we didn’t do a very good job of making runners aware of the course conditions. We just want you to be aware before hand that there will be some mud and there are some technical areas. Mile 7-9 is where it gets technical. Mile 5-11 is very remote. There will be no cars on the course. The only time a vehicle will be allowed on the course is if there is a medical emergency. Deciding you don’t want to finish the race is not an emergency.
  • Gear Check: We will have gear check at the start line. Anyone who wants one will be given a white trash bag to put their stuff in. They’ll write their name and bib # on it and pick it up at the finish. There will also be a clothing bin at the Mile 3 aid station to dump jackets, etc. Do not leave personal items anywhere else on the course (they will be treated as trash). Please do not litter on this course.

The last thing we should mention is there might be a section of the course with mosquitoes. The locals call the section from mile 7-11 “mosquito gulch” implying there are mosquitoes there. As of a week ago there weren’t any, but you never know. If you have other questions about the course head over to our detailed course description here or send us any questions. It’s going to be great!


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