June 13

Expo Check-In Giveaway!


I’m sure most of you have used the “add location” and “check-in” features on Facebook and Instagram. Well, we set up a location for the Yellowstone Half Expo on both, and we want you to use them tomorrow!

YellowstoneposterSmall_1024x1024As incentive, we’ll pick a random person who adds the location “Yellowstone Half Expo” to their Facebook and Instagram posts and they will win a Yellowstone Half poster!

The locations won’t pop up immediately, and it’s likely you’ll have to search for them. This is because they’re new locations and they haven’t been used before today. DO NOT “create” the location. If you do this, you won’t show up when we pick a winner. If you’re having issues finding the right location, come see us at the help desk.

So Instagram and Facebook away! We want to see the fun you’re having at our expo (which is going to be GREAT by the way) and make sure you check-in at “Yellowstone Half Expo” on both.

***A quick note. If your privacy settings on your Facebook and Instagram accounts prevent us from seeing your photos, then you won’t be eligible to win. This isn’t because we have beef with privacy settings, we just won’t be able to see that you did it. We get that this is probably by choice, and we understand.


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