June 17

Inaugural Yellowstone Half Postmortem


We are still giddy over how much fun this weekend was. Overall, our inaugural Yellowstone Half was great. It seems that the vast majority of our runners had a great time, and we did too. Of course, as with any event, there are several things that can be improved. Our postmortem is a quick look at how the race went and what we can improve on. We will be sending out a post-race survey to all of our runners to get an in-depth look at your race experience, and we hope you will all give us your feedback. Here are a few things we have identified that we
intend to focus on to make 2015 perfect.

Communication About the Course

Two major speed bumps in our communication about this race were directions to the start line and our description of the course. While we provided a course aid-station guide, we did not provide a decent map that would direct runners and spectators to the course’s start and finish. I hope our Friday evening email helped. As far as we know, nobody got lost on their way to the start line, but we shouldn’t have allowed as much confusion as there was.

In describing the course, it seems we weren’t very clear there either. Some of you said it was harder than we described, and some of you said we exaggerated the technical aspects of the course. Our initial conclusion is that it is a “beginner trail run.”  Next year the language we use to describe the course will be more direct and clear. We also want to make a video of the course that should help future runners.

Recovery Station

We did not provide enough railing to clearly guide each runner back to the heating tent where the recovery food, water, and chocolate milk were. We apologize if any runners missed out on these provisions, or had trouble finding them. We realized we were lacking sufficient railing and tried to supplement with traffic cones, but it wasn’t as effective as we’d hoped. This will not be an issue in 2015.

Race Etiquette

We host a wide variety of runners at our events, from marathoners to first-timers. To make sure everyone has a great experience, we need to provide clear expectations on what running etiquette to follow. An example would be slower runners and walkers need to stay on the right, allowing faster runners to pass on the left, just like when driving on the freeway, etc. We’ve been discussing how best to provide these guidelines.

Let us know if we’re missing anything! Overall we are really pleased with how well everything went, but we are always working to make each of our races better than the last. We’re planning on sending out the post-race survey on Friday, so be sure to watch for that. Thanks to all of our volunteers! We couldn’t do it without you! And thanks to our runners.


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