June 25

Post-Race Survey



Now that the dust has settled a little bit but hopefully while race weekend is still fresh in your mind, would you mind taking a post-race survey for us?

We have been hard at work identifying areas of improvement so we can make our race in 2015 perfect. You can read a short postmortem report here where we talk about some of those improvements.

We want to hear how your experience was. We strive to put on the best race we possibly can. In order to do that, we take your input and feedback very seriously. Please help us identify what we are doing well and what we could improve. The survey should take about 10 minutes.

PRIZES: To show how much we appreciate your feedback, we are going to be drawing the names of 10 winners! At the end of the survey you can enter your email address to win some prizes:

– 4 will win an item from our merchandise store
– 3 will win a free entry into any of our National Park Series races in the next 12 months
– 3 will win a free entry into any of our virtual races

The survey must be completed by Friday night, June 27th.
We will announce winners on Facebook and our blog on Saturday, June 28th.



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