July 2

Ring the bell, school’s in session…





… with Jeff Galloway!

4cf0e5d3-b8cc-47ce-8f7e-28e5efe7852bWe are thrilled to announce that Jeff Galloway, “America’s Coach”, will be holding a running school workshop as a part of race weekend on Friday, September 19th at 3:00pm. We are currently finalizing the details on location, how you can sign up to attend, etc. We will be sure to let you know once we have that all sorted out. In the meantime, we are just so excited to have him coming to our event we couldn’t wait to announce it! 

Jeff Galloway is a US Olympian, Founder of the Run Walk Run method, author, coach, and Runner’s World monthly columnist! His running school is designed to help runners better prepare for races both physically and mentally. He will cover a variety of topics from nutrition to overcoming mental barriers. This is a great opportunity to meet one on one with Jeff and take your running journey wherever you want it to go.


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