July 18

Lake Powell Story Series Part I


Story submitted by Julianna Fulton. Submit your stories and memories of Lake Powell by emailing dehn@www.vacationraces.com

Nighttime photo of Lone Rock taken by Dehn Craig
Nighttime photo of Lone Rock taken by Dehn Craig

My family lived South/East of Big Water Utah when I was a young teenager. I can remember when it was still named Glen Canyon City. We were very close to Wahweap Creek which over the Summer months was nearly a daily visit for my siblings and I. This being one of the inlets to Lake Powell is home to fish, frogs, snakes, spiders, lizards, horned toads and many other desert creatures. I remember spawning season because there were so many bass that would travel up the river to lay their eggs. Sadly many of them would get stuck in the areas that would dry up later in the season and not survive. We had many grand adventures.

On clear nights we would sleep on the deck outside our house. From there we could see Lone Rock by the light of the moon, the reflection on the water is stunning. Each week my father would get together as many of the towns kids that wanted to go, and we would climb in the back of his 69 Chevy flatbed truck and drive over to Lone Rock beach. We would play for hours soaking up the sun, swim in the never ending water, and observe the others who were swimming, boating, fishing and all those fun things you get to do with a large body of water at your leisure.

My first memory of fishing was down by Wahweap marina. My dad took my brother and I, a bag of frozen anchovies, and all of our fishing poles down to a spot on the side of the road. In a very short time we had all caught our limits. I think we pulled out a 10 pounder that day, although I saw someone at the cleaning station with a 35 pounder. I have loved fishing ever since, and if I am lucky get to do so each time I go for a visit.

One year a few families got together on houseboats over the 4th of July. We anchored two of the houseboats and then connected them together with rope. I got to watch fireworks while dangling from the rope in the water and playing with my family and friends. Again the reflections were amazing.

The Glen Canyon Dam was a favorite spot to visit, and when I went back in 2013 the same man did our tour that was there 20 years ago, it was Deja vu. I do remember the day when you could still do a self-guided tour, and the Indian ruins were still standing where there is now extended parking.

I also took a bus down through a long tunnel that ended at the base of the dam where the blue rafts can be seen. A whole group got to ride one of those rafts all the way to Lee’s Ferry. On the way we stopped to see some of the Native American ruins and petroglyphs that have been preserved over the years.

These are only a few of my experiences, and a taste of the wonderful opportunities that are available.

Julianna Fulton


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