July 24

Travel Update – Road Closures


Most of you will start heading to Estes Park in the coming week. Terry (from Active at Altitude) gave us a heads up about a road closure everyone needs to be aware of.

Highway 36 will be closing at 6:00 am on July 29. They will be opening the road on weekends so getting home won’t be an issue, but getting to Estes Park before the race will. This highway is the best way to get from Denver Airport, as well as from most routes driving, so be ready to take an alternate route and spend a little more time on the road.

Terry suggested taking Highway 7 from Lyons to Estes Park. It’s a beautiful drive, but you’ll need to allow an additional 20-30 minutes on drive time with the route change. You can see details of the closure here.


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Are You Getting Enough Protein?

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