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You can’t come all the way to Yellowstone National Park and just run a half marathon, right? Part of our goal as a company is to give our runners the opportunity to enjoy the parks where we run! This why we add the extra challenge of a club hike and park trifecta to each of our races.

For the Yellowstone Half, we have two club challenges: the Washburn Club and the Osprey Club. For the three-part Yellowstone Trifecta you’ll hike to Artist Point, watch Old Faithful erupt, and see a bison in the park. Complete any of these challenges within 72 hours of finishing the Yellowstone Half.

[nzs_heading heading=”4″] Rules [/nzs_heading]

To join the Washburn or Osprey Club, you must complete the hike within 72 hours of the race and take a picture at the summit (or bottom, if you do the Osprey Club) with your face clearly visible, as well as your bib and finisher medal. You will then use the forms provided on our club and trifecta page following the race to submit your photos.

The same rules apply to the Trifecta, but you must complete all three tasks within the 72 hour time limit, and take a picture with your bib and finisher medal at all three locations.

Here are some examples of acceptable pictures:

Jill Gorrie - Glendale, AZ
Jill Gorrie – Glendale, AZ
Steph Dawes - San Diego, CA
Steph Dawes – San Diego, CA

Those who join the Washburn or Osprey Clubs will get 50% off next year’s registration, as well as have their photo immortalized on our website. Those who complete the Trifecta will get 20% off next year’s registration!

You can read more details about each hike, as well as see who completed each challenge following the inaugural Yellowstone Half here.


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