August 4



We’re so excited to put on a race that highlights the Grand Teton mountain range. As our final countdown to registration, we want to tell you a bit about the inaugural Grand Teton course.


The course is still subject to change until we get final approvals, but based on our initial conversations with the relevant parties, we do not see any real problems in getting the course approved.

We’ve written out a detailed course description below.

Starting Line – The race will start near the northeast corner of the town square in Jackson, WY. It will be easy walking distance for anyone staying at any of the hotels in Jackson.

Mile 1-2: The course begins by heading east on Deloney Ave, turning south on Moran St and west on Broadway. The race should be able to have partial shutdown of a single lane of traffic, and this will provide an easy viewing of the first 1/2 mile of the race. The course will follow Broadway all the way to Highway 22 and may utilize the new bike/running path depending on it’s completion by race day.

Mile 3-6: The course will follow highway 22, again utilizing the running path where we can. The section between mile 4 & 5 gives you a beautiful view of the Grand Teton. Get your cameras ready. The course crosses the Snake river at mile marker 6. Jackson is building a new pedestrian bridge here and we hope it is done by race day, otherwise we will implement some traffic control to cross the automobile bridge on highway 22.

Mile 7-13: The course heads north on the Moose-Wilson road where runners will get on the existing running path west of the road. Near mile 9.5 the areas opens up to incredible views of the Teton range.

Finish Line: The race will finish in the parking lot at Teton Village. No views of the Grand Teton from here, but stunning views of the mountains at this Iconic Ski Resort.

We are looking into a potential alternate finish line on Spring Creek road, but are unsure that we can find a suitable property. Both courses are equally flat and easy to run, but the views of the Grand Teton from Spring Creek road are wonderful. Thus the nature of the course will not change, but the actual roads may be adjusted as we finalize plans for this inaugural event.


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  • Will there be transportation from the finish line back to the start? I’m just wondering how we get back? Or do I need to train for full marathon :P so I can get myself back to hotel and vehicles and such?


    • We will be providing shuttles. We are still working on details but we expect to have options for both before and after the race. You can feel comfortable staying in Jackson or Teton Village.

  • Since the race starts at one point and finishes 13 miles away, how does one return to the start to collect their vehicle? Is there a shuttle service? Call a taxi? Jog a cool down 13 miles back? Just wondering for those that are traveling solo.

    • That is a long cool down :)

      We will have shuttle information posted in the coming months. We expect to have shuttles both before and after the race so staying in Jackson or Teton Village are your most convenient options.

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