August 6

2014 Race Postmortem


Our staff all made it home and we’ve had some time to decompress. It’s time for our Rocky Mountain postmortem.

We had a great time, and from what we’ve seen on Facebook and Twitter, you all did too! Congratulations to everyone who finished! It’s a challenging course and you should be proud of yourselves. Thank you so much for the feedback you’ve given us so far. The finisher medals and the course went over really well, and you all seem stoked about those. The race ran very smoothly, but there are a few things we need to address for the future.

The finish line seemed a bit crowded. The mowed area where we were working was small and gave us limited space to work with. Some of you have told us that the weeds were annoying and covered up holes in the ground that were potentially dangerous. We agree. Next year we’re planning on changing the start and finish location, probably to the lake.

There were issues with the post-race food, which came from reusing FitFul boxes earlier races this year. We apologize to anyone who was effected by this. It was a mistake on our part, and we will make sure we never have the same problem again.

On Friday we will be sending out our post-race survey. We hope each of you will do us a solid and take a few minutes to fill one out. These give us invaluable data to work with as we plan next year’s race and help us improve as a company each year. As an extra incentive we’ll be giving away some prizes to a random few who submit one, so keep an eye out for that!

Thank you so much for helping us make this a great race!

We took all the photos we could find that were posted using the #RMhalf hashtag and put this little slideshow together. You guys rock!


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Are You Getting Enough Protein?

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