August 25

Expo location announcement and time change


Attention Great Smoky Mountains runners! We have a few important announcement concerning the race expo time and location.


First, we’re ready to announce a location for the expo. The expo will be the day before the race, September 19th, and we’ll be holding it at Heritage Park in Townsend. The address is 125 Townsend Park Road. It’s a very pretty location, and we hope you all take some time to come pick up your bib and say hi!

4cf0e5d3-b8cc-47ce-8f7e-28e5efe7852b**This will also be the location for Jeff Galloway’s running school will be held, starting at 3:00 pm. You can register for the school now!

Second, we’ve decided to change the times slightly. We’ll open the expo at 1:00 pm. Our vendors will be at the expo until 6:00 pm, but you can pick up your packet until 7:00 pm. Remember, these times are EDT so be mindful if you’re traveling from a different time zone!

See you soon! Just 25 days until race day!


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