October 28

New (more scenic) Course!!


While we were happy with our original course, we’re SO EXCITED to present this new course with better views of the mountain range! Here’s the new course map. Below that you can find a description of the course from Lyle.


The race will begin just off the Teton Pass Hwy at Beckley Park Way. We will begin by running west with traffic along Teton Pass Hwy (hwy 22) for a little over a mile. We will then take a right on 3rd Street, followed by an immediate right onto Main street crossing Hhr Ranch road and jump onto the jogging trail.

We will stay on this beautiful and flat paved trail until we come to Moose Wilson Rd, which we will cross, and run over Snake River using the pedestrian bridge. After crossing the bridge, we will run east against traffic on Teton Pass Hwy (hwy 22) until about mile 6.25. We will then take a left onto Spring Gulch Road where we will stay for the remainder of the race.

The views on this part of the race are breathtaking, so take it all in! Spring Gulch Road also has some of the original working homesteads in the area. The finish will be on the Driving Range of the Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club, which also borders Grand Teton National Park. Check out that view!

finish line


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