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To encourage our runners to get our and enjoy the park, we have two race hikes and a Trifecta challenge. If you choose to tackle either of our official hikes, we’ll give you 50% off next year’s registration. If you complete the Trifecta, you’ll get 20% off.

To complete any of the challenges, we just need you to submit a picture of yourself at the destination (in the case of the Trifecta, all three destinations) that includes:

1) A clear view of your face

2) Your bib with bib numbers clearly visible

3) Your finisher medal in plain view

will officially complete the challenge, be forever immortalized on our website, and receive the corresponding discount. No double dipping though! If you complete multiple challenges you’ll just get the 50% discount, as well as some major kudos!

[nzs_heading heading=”5″] Continental Divide Club [/nzs_heading]

Jocelyn Kovalik - Highlands Ranch
Jocelyn Kovalik – Highlands Ranch
To join this club, hike Hallett Peak, which just so happens to sit right on the Continental Divide. This is one the most classic hikes in the entire park, but it’s super challenging. It’s long and you gain a lot of elevation. But if you know how to keep putting one foot in front of the other all day, you can totally do it. You can read more about the hike, as well as get directions and instructions herehere and here.

[nzs_heading heading=”5″] Chasm Club [/nzs_heading]

Pedro Hurtado - Austin
Pedro Hurtado – Austin
There’s still usually snow on Hallett Peak, even in August. For those who would rather avoid the snow, we also have The Chasm Lake Club. Chasm Lake is a beautiful crater lake along the Longs Peak trail. The hike is 8.4 miles roundtrip with a total elevation gain of 2,450 feet. Hikers should leave early in the morning to avoid crowds and afternoon thunderstorms.

[nzs_heading heading=”5″] Rocky Mountain Trifecta [/nzs_heading]

The Rocky Mountain Trifecta is comprised of 3 different activities. You must complete all 3 in order to complete the Trifecta. The Trifecta is meant to be challenging, but less strenuous. These are iconic activities inside the park that should be experienced, but are doable with children. The 3 activities that makeup the Trifecta are:

1) Bear Lake
2) Alberta Falls
3) Trailridge Rd.

If you complete the Trifecta, you will have a rewarding and pretty broad experience in the park. To complete the challenge, be sure and take your picture (with your finisher medal and race bib) at each of those spots.

4472458138_e724b0fb4f_oBear Lake – Bear Lake is beautiful, and incredibly easy to get to. You drive to the Bear Lake parking lot and it is a 1/4 mile to a beautiful view of the lake and Hallett Peak. The hike around the lake is beautiful and easily can be done with children. Those attempting the Hallett Peak hike will start at Bear Lake.




34210159Alberta Falls – A beautiful waterfall inside the park.







Trail-Ridge-Road-in-Rocky-Mountain-National-Park.Trail Ridge Road – Trail Ridge Rd is an incredible byway that goes from Estes Park to Grand Lake, crosses the continental divide, climbs above the tree line, and offers incredible views. Our challenge to you is to drive to the top of Trail Ridge Rd and to make the short hike to the tallest peak.


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