October 30



This year we’re changing the course a bit. It will largely stay the same, but the start and finish will be at Lake Estes instead of at the Stanley Hotel. If this will be your first time, it’s going to be one of the most beautiful courses you will ever run!

Below you’ll find a course and elevation map, as well as a detailed description of the course.


We will begin the Race on the Lake Estes Trail around Community Drive and N St. Vrain Ave.

We will be running counter clockwise around the lake along the lake paved trail. When we come to Mall Rd we will take a left and run on Mall Rd until almost 1 mile where we will turn left back onto the lake trail. At mile 3 we will cross the bridge into the Visitors Center parking lot where we will have our first Aid Station. We will skirt along the parking lot and then cross Big Thompson where we will run against traffic for the next 1.5 miles. We will turn left off Big Thompson onto Lone Pine Drive. We will then make another immediate right onto N. Lake Ave.

We will take another left onto Dry Gulch. We will run on Dry Gulch for approximately 3 miles. This will be a steady uphill grade. At the end of Dry Gulch we will make a left onto Devil’s Gulch. Devil’s Gulch will have some rolling hills for the next few miles, but it will mostly be downhill. Just before mile 11 we will take a left onto MacGregor Ave. This will be a nice flat section of the course. We will then take a left Wonderview Ave. We will run against traffic to SW Steamer Pky where we will take a left and then and immediate right onto Steamer Pky. We will run with traffic on Steamer Pky to Steamer Dr, where will will take another right. We will then run down Steamer Dr to Big Thompson Ave. We will once again cross Big Thompson and run into the Visitors Center Parking lot. Again running counter clockwise around the lake to the finish line which will be at the same place that we started.

ALSO check out our 2014 race day video! It’s full of happy memories for those who ran, and a taste of the course for those who haven’t yet.


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