December 2

Race Committee


racecommitteeWould you like to be on our race committee? We are looking for LOCAL individuals to help us prepare for the race as well as on race day. Depending on your willingness and abilities, you will have an assignment to help us produce the race. For example, you may be in charge of the starting line, or finish line, or aid stations, etc. The committee is paid with a small stipend, and you will meet with our race director Lyle each week in the months before the race. If you’re interested, please contact our race director, Lyle Anderson by emailing him at

To be clear, this isn’t a call for volunteers (which we will need). This is for a paid position on a race committee to help execute race operations. This is more of a commitment. If you are **local and interested in helping us pull of a great race, please get in touch with our race director. Please spread the word!

**local being the surrounding Jackson, WY area. Anywhere within reasonable driving distance.


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