December 29

2015 Predictions


predictions in 2015

Something that can be fun to think about is what the new year might bring. What changes do you think will happen to the running industry in the next year? Or even better, what changes are you hoping to see in the next year?

Enter your prediction below or on our facebook page and we’ll pick our 3 favorites tomorrow to win a free entry into any of our 2015 races. Your predictions can be funny or serious. We’d love to see them about running, but they can be about anything. Look into your crystal ball and tell us what you see in the future!



Our winners of the final 2015 predictions giveaway of the year are:

  1. Cristina Cano “The medals will be the size of a Flava Flave clock pendant.”
  2. Rochelle Kriegshauser “I predict more people will start running and have compiled 15 reasons why you should try or continue to run in 2015: 1-it uplifts your spirit; 2-inspirational ideas flow into your mind; 3-release stress; 4-find your perfect pace and enjoy; 5-it is good for your heart; 6-seek out new paths; 7-surround yourself in strength; 8-build a new fitness habit; 9-take time to wander; 10-believe you can and you will; 11-let your feet be your freedom!; 12- make new friends; 13-interactively enjoy your surroundings; 14-you do not need special equipment to participate; 15-it’s cheap therapy for the body, mind, and soul!”
  3. Rachel Firestone I predict our calorie burn to automatically double for all our runs!

The winners can email me at to claim your free entry!


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