January 16

Team Registration – Get all 6 members before we sell out!


better in a groupIf you weren’t already aware, we offer a discount and medals for teams of 6 or more. Once a team has 6 or more members registered under the team name, we refund the $10 discount back to each member. You can learn more about the particulars on our team page.

WE ARE VERY CLOSE TO SELLING OUT. It’s important to know that creating a new team does NOT reserve the 6 spots necessary to get the discount or compete for the team medals. If you are on a team with less than 6 members, please contact your unregistered teammates and have them register as soon as possible! If your team does not have 6 or more members by the time we close registration, you will not get the discount and will not be eligible to compete for the team placement medals.


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