March 4

Course Questionnaire Follow-up


About a week ago we asked you what you thought about the possibility of changing the course. Like we mentioned, recent developments presented the option of *possibly* running a loop around Bass Lake. We had originally considered a course around Bass Lake but couldn’t get permission to cross the dam. Which led us to find our current course (which we love). When a local contact suggested they might be able to pull some strings to get us permission to cross the dam we wanted to hear what our runners thought about it. Was it worth us dedicating resources to pursuing the option to cross the dam (which still was not a sure bet)?

Thank you so much for your input! We strive to always do right by our runners and listen to you. The responses were overwhelmingly in favor of keeping the current and approved course.  We agree. Both are great options, but we think it would be best to stick with the current course and dedicate all of our resources as a small organization to putting on the best inaugural event we can.

Although most were in favor of keeping the current course, there were still many that expressed an interest in running a full loop around the lake. We will definitely take this into consideration as we try to plan for next year.

Again, thank you for your input and responses. Feedback and input from our runners is what shapes our race series.



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