March 24

Shout Out to Some Race Sponsors


2015.3.13 940050260028948605 3034556393We have some new sponsors this year that we are thrilled to be working with. We couldn’t be happier to have their support and for them to have a presence at our race.

In addition to atozion (St. George Area Tourism Office) which is a unique sponsor to this race, we are also happy to have three new series sponsors: Caveman FoodsNuun, Honey Stinger, and Meridian Line.

Caveman Foods is providing the nutrition bars that can be found in each recovery food box handed out to runners after the race. These nutrition bars are all natural with no added preservatives – and they’re delicious!

Nuun is our drink of choice on and off the course (aside from water, of course). At every aid station on the course we will have water and Nuun to help you stay hydrated. What is your favorite flavor of Nuun?

Not only are Honey Stinger energy gels a great source of energy, they are delicious. I’m using the word delicious to describe an energy gel. Unlike most gels where not grimacing is the litmus test for whether it can be consumed or not, Honey Stinger gels go above and beyond by providing your muscles with a natural nourishment and tasting so good. We also have their honey waffles as a food item in the post race recovery food box (which is one of my favorite snacks).

Meridian Line is the clothing apparel and art store of Jeremy Collins. If you are not familiar with Jeremy’s work, you will quickly fall in love with it. Our race shirts are from Meridian Line and are a very high quality tech tee with the artwork done by Jeremy himself. We will also be selling other Meridian Line merchandise at all of our race expos! We couldn’t be happier to have Jeremy and Meridian Line a part of our race series and be branded with his art.

What sponsor was your favorite at the race? Who would you like to see us try to get to be involved with our races?


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