May 18



things to know 1This week, we’re counting down to ‪2016 Zion Half Marathon‬ registration with one free entry entry a day! For your chance to win, stay tuned to our Zion Half Facebook page this week! We’ll post instructions there each day on how to win!

Registration opens this Sunday, May 24, at 8 am (MDT)! Be sure to register early!

[nzs_heading heading=”5″] CUP FREE RACING [/nzs_heading]
As an event, and as a partner with the National Park Foundation, we care deeply about preserving the land where we run. One of the ways we accomplish this is by not having plastic cups on our courses. We provide plenty of water and Nuun Hydration at our aid stations, but no cups. You provide your own handhelds, vests, or belts, OR you can take advantage of a hydrapouch (reusable pouch/cup) from us! Learn more on our Cup Free page.


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