January 15

Refund Policy Update


We pride ourselves on offering a really great refund policy. It’s something that was important to us when we first opened registration for our inaugural Zion Half Marathon in 2012, and it’s just as important to us now. As we have grown, we’ve had to adjust to our size with a new registration system and slight adjustments to some of our policies.

We’re still offering our generous refund policy, but with some slight alterations to account for our size and new registration system. The following adjustments will be in effect starting February 15, 2016.

We will still be offering a 100% refund of your registration fees during the Early Bird pricing period. After the first price jump, however, we will be offering you a refund of your registration fees, minus a $10 processing fee.

Once late registration kicks in, we will offer a partial refund. Rather than set a percentage for refunds like we have done in the past, it will be a refund of your registration fees, minus a flat processing fee of $45. This will roughly translate to 50%, however it will not be exact.

The spirit of our refund policy remains the same, but some nitty gritty details have changed slightly. We’re still very happy with the options this provides runners and hope this will be able to accommodate you should the need arise.


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