March 25

Charity Bibs


We’re excited to roll out a new way to register for our races: Charity Bibs! With Charity Bibs, instead of paying the registration fee, you raise money for the National Park Foundation!

A regular half marathon Charity Bib requires you to raise $1000 for the parks. This may seem intimidating, but we tested it out with our Zion race this year, and people were able to hit their goal in a very short amount of time.

We also have Charity Bibs available for our Double and Triple events. Donation goals vary on those, so be sure to read the details!

We’ve released Charity Bibs for all of our races, even the sold out ones! (At this time, all Yosemite Half Marathon Charity Bibs are claimed.) Since we’re still testing this out, the number of Charity Bibs up for grabs is limited. Get details on the race you’re interested below:

Zion Half Marathon – 2017 race and registration dates coming soon

Grand Canyon Half Marathon

Grand Teton Half Marathon, Double, and Triple

Yellowstone Half Marathon, Doubles, and Triple

Rocky Mountain Half Marathon & Elk Double

Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathon & Black Bear Double

Yosemite Half Marathon – All Charity Bibs Claimed

Lake Powell Half Marathon


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