August 26

Yosemite Half Marathon 2017 Race Date


yos 2017 header image copyWe’re very excited to announce that we’re opening up registration for the 2017 Yosemite Half Marathon on Friday, September 9th!

The reason we’re opening up registration so soon, is because we’re going to have the 2017 Yosemite Half Marathon on May 13th! We’re very excited about this date change. May is a much better time for our host town, Bass Lake. They’re ramping up for their summer season, but the town and park are not too busy yet. Switching dates also let’s us hold the Grand Canyon Half Marathon back to back with our Lake Powell Half Marathon so that we can open up some double races. 2017 is going to be an exciting year!

REGISTRATION OPENS: September 9, 2016
RACE DAY: May 13, 2017

For those of you registered for the 2016 Yosemite Half Marathon, we want to address some questions you might have about 2017 registration.

2016-08-24Wait- does this mean the 2016 race is cancelled or moving dates? Nope! The 2016 Yosemite Half Marathon will go on as planned on October 8! We can’t wait to see you!

What if the 2017 race sells out before the 2016 race? How do I know if I want to register or not? You should register for the 2017 race as soon as possible. The Yosemite Half Marathon has sold out every year since we started. Our 2016 race sold out in under 3 months, and we expect the 2017 race to sell out even faster. Registration is risk free. You can get a refund for the 2017 race until March 3, 2017, so if you run the 2016 race and decide you’d rather not run in 2017 then you won’t lose anything.

What if the 2017 race sells out before I can join one of the clubs or trifecta after the 2016 race? I want to wait until I can use my discount.
You should register for the 2017 race as soon as possible, in case we sell out before the 2016 race in October. Don’t worry though. We’ll refund you the amount you would have saved with the discount after you join a club or trifecta.

Will there be any major differences between the 2016 and 2017 races? We don’t anticipate so, aside from the date change. It really depends on what feedback you give us after the 2016 race. Any changes we make will be improvements and we’ll notify our 2017 runners immediately.

It turns out I can’t attend the 2016 race- can I defer my registration to the 2017 Yosemite Half Marathon? Absolutely! To defer to the 2017 Yosemite Half Marathon, you can log into your RunSignUp account and defer your registration. This will remove you from the 2016 race and put you on our deferral list for the 2017 race. When the 2017 race opens for registration, you will receive an email with a unique registration link so you can sign up for 2017 free of charge. You will not be automatically registered for the event. Here is a link to help you get started.


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