September 14

Customize the Fit of Your Running Shoes with These Lacing Techniques


-By Sierra Trading Post

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Did you know that you can customize the fit of your running shoes by using different lacing techniques? Try these techniques to improve your comfort level on your next workout. You can check out this YouTube video for step-by-step help.

Lock Lacing to Prevent Heel Slippage
Start by lacing your shoes normally until the lace ends emerge from the second set of eyelets. Feed the laces up each side and into the top eyelet towards the foot. Now cross laces over, and feed each under the vertical section of the other side. Pull and tie your shoes normally.

Loop-Lacing Lock for Secure Shoes
Lace the shoes normally, then put each lace end back through the last hole to create a small loop on the top side of the shoe. Thread each lace through the loop on the opposite side, pull and tie normally to create a tight closure.


High-Instep Lacing
Lace the shoes in a normal criss-cross pattern until you reach the hot spot. Instead of going across the hot spot lace straight up to the next eyelet, then continue on in a regular pattern.

Wide Forefoot Lacing
Begin by feeding the laces up each side of the shoe and only use the criss-crossing technique towards the top. Tie for a secure closure. Some brands offer a wider size running shoe. If this lacing technique doesn’t work for you seek out a running shoe made for wide feet.

Now you have a few options that help you optimize the comfort of your running shoes. If you’re looking information on getting the perfect pair of running shoes, take a look at the Sierra Trading Post Running Shoes buying guide.


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