November 3

2nd Annual Monument Valley Service Project


img_1635Our race calendar this year has been pretty spectacular. We’ve ran in and explored some really beautiful places. And as another year comes to a close, we’re excited to have a meaningful way to give back. That’s why we want to tell you about our 2nd Annual Monument Valley Volunteer Project!

We have a very unique and amazing opportunity to do some service that will make an immediate difference in peoples lives. From December 9 through 11 we’ll be at Monument Valley helping with a wide variety of service projects. Bring your families and come join in on some great running (optional) and hard work in some beautiful country.

You will have the chance to see areas of the park normally off limits to visitors and meet families who have been living traditionally in the same area for centuries.


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When is the project? Do I have to stay all 3 days? The project will be December 9-11, 2016. You don’t have to stay all three days. The main working day will be Saturday the 10th. You can see a detailed schedule on the registration form.

What needs to be done? We will have 10-15 different projects happening. Mostly construction type work such as mending fences, building fences, replacing a wall, adding solar panels, digging a trench, adding composting toilets, tearing down a hogan, etc The scope of what we can accomplish will depend on the attendance. The more people that sign up the more we can get done, so bring your families and tell your friends! You can get more details about the projects in the registration form.

Is there a price to register for the project? We’re not charging anyone to come volunteer. That being said, we have asked a local family to prepare traditional Navajo meals for breakfast and dinner for the group and you will prepare and pack your own lunch before heading out each day. To cover this cost, we are charging $5 per meal, so $25 total. All of the money will go to the family. Additionally, when you sign up you can pay to stay in a hogan or book a camping spot (you’ll bring your own tent). Otherwise, you can book a hotel reservation on your own.


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