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Sign Up to Work an Ultra Aid Station


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We are very excited for this year’s ultra events, where we get to meet runners from all over the globe and support their adventures in such unique and breathtaking locations. If you’ve ever wanted to get involved and be a part of supporting runners in their epic journey, staffing an aid station is perhaps the most hands on way to get involved. You’ll be there for the runners when they need you most and you’ll get to be out on course playing a key role in race operations.

Organizing a group to staff an aid station at one of our events is also a great fundraising opportunity. Earn anywhere from $300 to $1,500 to divide among your group or to donate to a worthy cause of your choice- use it however you see fit.

The amount offered for each aid station is based on the amount of time that it is open during the event and the amount of runner traffic coming through that aid station. Some aid stations are open for a single pass by the runners and others for multiple passes. For aid stations that occur later in the race where the gap between lead runners and the back of the pack is much greater, the aid stations must remain open for longer durations but runner traffic is more spread out.

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Some aid stations are easy to access and others are deep in the backcountry. Some are perched on a breathtaking overlook and others in the middle of the forest or desert. Some are open for just a couple of hours and others are open overnight and into the following day. Whatever experience your group is looking for, we will do our best to match you up with the best fit.

So what are you waiting for?? Why not reach out to your family and friends to plan a group camping trip in 2018 which provides an opportunity to provide a much needed service in the trail running community, and earn some cash while you're at it? For more information, email matt@www.vacationraces.com and let’s start planning!

Here is a list of what’s still available in 2018, to give you an idea of the time commitment and compensation for each. When you email me, please indicate which aid station(s) you’re interested in and I’ll send more info:

For Antelope Ultras (February 24-25)

All aid stations are filled!

For Zion Ultras (April 20-21)

Flying Monkey- Friday morning, open approx 4 hours. (min. 3 volunteers) $400
Dalton Wash- Friday, open approx 10hrs (min. 4 volunteers) $600
Guacamole- Friday, open approx 8 hours. (min. 3 volunteers) $500
Goosebump- Friday/Saturday, open approx 24 hours. (min. 4 volunteers) $1,500
Gooseberry Point- Friday/Saturday, open approx 8 hours Friday and 4 hours Saturday. (min. 3 volunteers) $800
Grafton- Friday afternoon till late into the night, open approx 12 hours. (min. 4 volunteers) $700

For Bryce Ultras (June 1-2)

Proctor Canyon + 601 water station- Open approx 18 hours $800 (min 3 volunteers)
Hilsdale Canyon- Open approx 18 hours $800 (min 3 volunteers)
Coyote Hollow- Open approx 18 hours $800 (min 3 volunteers)
East Fork- Open approx 20 hours $800 (3 volunteers)
Blue Fly- Open approx 24 hours (min 3 volunteers) $1000
Blubber Creek- Open approx 18 hours (min 3 volunteers) $800
Straight Canyon- Open approx 7 hours (Friday only) $500 (min 3 volunteers)
Pink Cliffs- Open approx 5 hours (Friday only) $400 (min 3 volunteers)


Antelope Canyon, Bryce Canyon

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