April 11

Live Broadcast: Fueling for Ultras with Gnarly Nutrition & Ben Light


We’re excited to announce another live nutrition seminar on May 9th. This broadcast will feature Ben Light, sponsored athlete for both Gnarly Nutrition and Altra Running.

Ben Light

Ben is a seriously accomplished ultra marathon runner. He’s completed six 200+ mile races, three 100 milers (including our very own Bryce 100 and Zion 100) and eleven other ultras for a total of 20 races and over 2,000 miles! Right now he’s preparing for two back-to-back ultras totaling 305 miles and over 60,000 feet of elevation gain! As soon as he finishes the first one in Utah he’ll jump on a chartered flight to California for the second one where he’ll start 24 hours after everyone else and still try to finish within the 100 hour cut-off time!

Shannon O’Grady

Shannon is the Director of Product for Gnarly Nutrition. She has a doctorate in Biology from the University of Utah and has researched nutritional physiology and is obsessed with sports nutrition. She’s constantly studying how nutrition can improve performance, reduce injury, and increase longevity. When she’s not trailing running, rock climbing, or doing jiu-jitsu she’s leading Gnarly’s new product development, managing product manufacturing, and making sure everything Gnarly sells meets the highest quality standards.

Live Ultra Marathon Nutrition Seminar

Come join us May 9th to hear Shannon and Ben discuss motivation, endurance, and how you can stay nourished and healthy while you’re pushing your limits.

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