January 20

Patagonia Global Adventure – An Update About COVID-19


2/1/2021 - UPDATE 2: Things look promising for the new Patagonia dates. As a reminder, the original trips were postponed and are now happening in November 2021 and February, March 2022. As we move forward with planning, we will stay updated with local health precautions and restrictions so that we are safely able to host this incredible experience for you. We will update with more information soon!

1/20/2020 - UPDATE 1: After talking in length to our partners in Argentina and weighing all options, we have decided to postpone all three weeks (February, March, and April) of the Patagonia trip.

We have discussed at length how to make this event possible for the date, but we concluded that the best plan of action would be to postpone to November 2021 and February, March for 2022. We are sincerely sorry if you are unhappy with the decision, but we feel confident this is the best course of action.

As an athlete and a runner myself, I know this comes as a disappointment for all of you, even if you weren’t sure you wanted to go with the uncertainty around COVID-19. You have sacrificed, invested and put hours of training into this trip. For many of you this was a dream vacation, a celebration or a get away, but none of that needs to be in vain. We will go to Patagonia eventually and we will have a trip of a lifetime. This isn’t forever, it will just be a little longer then we hoped for.

If you are registered for this trip you should have received an email you can reach out to me if you have any questions cherie@www.vacationraces.com.
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