February 17

Introducing the New Explorer Club



For years we have offered our Club Hikes and Trifecta programs to runners, their friends, and their families. And we are thankful that you have shared with us how the programs have helped you try new, challenging hikes and discover the history of our National Parks. 

It's time that those programs graduated. We're combining the best of both programs and adding more achievement opportunities in our new Explorer Club. The Explorer Club is a scavenger hunt style program that encourages visitors to holistically explore the National Parks and surrounding areas. At each location, the program consists of localized challenges that are part of six different categories: History, Hiking, Explore, Food/Dining, Education, and Stewardship. You get to choose which activities to do, so you can customize your experience and go all-in on your favorite category, or lightly sample all six. This is your adventure!

How does it work? It's pretty straightforward. For a given challenge, there are activities distributed across the six categories. Each activity is worth a certain number of points with the opportunity to level-up for even more points. The higher the difficulty, the more points an activity is worth! When you achieve the minimum number of points for the challenge, you earn an Explorer badge!

Sounds great, how do I participate? You can find the challenges for the Explorer Club on the Spark Challenges app. When you download the app, sign-up using the email you use to sign-up for Vacation Races events through RunSignup. When you participate in one of our races, you can complete the local Explorer Club challenge in the app within seven days before or after the race to receive your free wooden Explorer badge. 

Zion Spark Challenges

Can people who don't run a VR race participate in the Explorer Club? Anyone can complete the challenges that are part of the Explorer Club. If non-runners complete the challenge, they can receive the wooden Explorer badge for a small cost. 

NOTE: If you sign up for the Spark Challenges app using a different email than you use for Vacation Races sign-ups, you'll want to sync your accounts within the Spark Challenges app. To do this in the Spark Challenges app, navigate to Profile and then tap "Sync with VR Account." You're done!



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