March 31

Miles That Matter – Introduction


Welcome to Miles That Matter, a new blog segment where we share inspiring and touching stories from our runners. Each story highlights a runner, their background, and why they run. 

We've hosted half marathons at the National Parks for almost ten years, and throughout this time we have met some exceptionally wonderful people. These people have touched our minds and hearts and their impression has remained with us. We are blessed to have this community of thoughtful, compassionate, and inspiring runners. Time after time, we see how this community so willingly helps others in the form of advice, physical aid, or volunteering their time...just to name a few. 

We hope this segment reveals the kindness of the human spirit and touches your heart the way so many have touched ours. And we hope the next time you lace up your sneakers, you can reflect on some of the individuals who have made an impact on your life as well. 


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