May 12

Miles That Matter – Salina’s Story


Salina R.

Every mile is a memory

Salina Renteria circle

For those who don't run, running just seems like putting one foot in front of the other. Sure, that may be true, but the rest of us know that it can be so much more. Running is a way out, it is hope, it is therapy. It is a way to remember. Although our legs do the work, the real journey is in our hearts.

For Salina, running is about all that and more. It saved her life. After her late husband passed while serving overseas, Salina says she wanted to quit. Running, everything. She says she felt selfish doing something that she loved while her husband was no longer with her. But she didn't quit. 

While stationed in Germany, she says she finally got the courage to run again. "I couldn’t believe that I attempted to abandon some of the greatest gifts that running has given me - physical, mental and emotional endurance, peace and most importantly strength."

Today, Salina runs for her late husband, David, and all who have served and fallen. She says that the hardest part wasn't finding the strength to complete that first mile back in Germany, but has been persevering each mile thereafter. "Every one of those miles has kept David’s legacy alive and keeps my soul and heart racing through endless mileage."

Miles That Matter, is Vacation Races' blog segment where we share inspiring and touching stories from our runners. Some stories may make you cry, some may surprise you, and others may give you the grit to get out there and do the darn thing. Over the years, we've been inspired by the compassion and determination of our runners and this is just one small way that we can share their stories to uplift even more people. Our runners do the hard work; we're just here to share their voices. 


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