September 15

The Quality of _________


"I'm always giving off heat, but how should I use it?" 

Climber and Gnarly athlete, Sam Elias, highlights that we all need fuel. That fuel, he says, can be tangible like food or water, or intangible like thought or hardship.

Each of these fuels serve us in different ways. Some get us physically moving, others ignite a passion, and others intimidate us to be better.  In some cases, we can control the fuels that we consume. We choose what we eat, who we surround ourselves with, how we sleep...

Even with external constraints, we still have freedom within those constrains to choose our fuels and how we respond to them.

On responding to fuel, Elias notes that "fuel is only useful once it is broken down." Through intentional consumption and careful digestion, fuel allows for more quality decisions. "The quality of my nutrition determines the quality of my mind and body. The quality of my restlessness determines the quality of my contentment. The quality of  my suffering determines the quality of my comfort and confidence. The quality of my learnings determine the quality of my teachings."

Sam Elias is a professional climber who likes to climb anything from the sheer faces in Yosemite to technical sport climbs. As Elias notes, the quality of nutrition is important, which is why he trusts Gnarly Nutrition. Gnarly Nutrition has studied what the body needs and has created optimal products for sports performance — before, during, and after your workout. 

You can follow Sam and his story on Instagram.


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