November 29

Things to do in Dublin

This past summer and fall, we spent a lot of time exploring Ireland to put together the perfect trip for you. And by "we" we mean our awesome, Global Adventures director, Cherie, logged a lot of hours on flights and hopping from one location to another to put together our Ireland itinerary.

On our Ireland Global Adventure, Dublin bookends our week. If you're like us, we're always looking for an excuse to extend a vacation. If you plan to stay a few extra days in Dublin, take some time to find your own favorite spot, but also make room for these popular attractions. We tried each of them out and can vouch that they are well worth it! 

NOTE: If you find this guide helpful, download it to take with you!

Hop on, Hop off Bus

Up first is the hop on, hop off bus. If you're new to this concept, you aren't alone. These types of buses are popular in large cities and allow visitors to tour the city at their leisure.

In Dublin, this red, double-decker bus has 30 stops in the city. You can start your tour at any of the locations and can get off the bus at the spots that you want to see. Buses arrive at bus stops about every 30 minutes, and a phone app allows you to check routes and schedules so you can be flexible with how much time you spend at each location. Tickets to ride the bus start at $30. 

Learn more online to find the option that fits your needs best.

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Trinity College & the Book of Kells Exhibit

Trinity College is a beautiful, historic campus. Students still study here, so you'll get to experience rich history along the bustle of student activity. Seriously, it's so cool that these historic walls still contain so many bright minds!

The Book of Kells is an ornately decorated manuscript Gospel book. The book is written in Latin and contains the four Gospels of the Biblical Christian New Testament. The book is well-known for its intricate mastery of calligraphy and insular illumination.

Tickets to visit the Kells Exhibit and tour Trinity College start at $25.

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Jameson Distillery

Okay, so Cherie did not do the distillery tour (apparently she doesn't like whiskey). But, we heard from folks who have done both the Jameson and Guinness tours say that the Jameson Distillery was their favorite of the two options. So, if you want to do one, but not both, we have to trust our sources and recommend the Jameson experience on Bow Street.

For those of you that enjoy whiskey, why pass up this memorable experience? Tours are available daily in the morning and afternoon. Tickets start at $36.

Learn more on the Jameson Distillery website!

Wild Rover Tours

This one isn't in Dublin, but is about a two-hour drive from Dublin which makes it a doable day trip. 

The tour will allow you to see Dunluce Castle, Giants Causeway, and either the Titanic Experience or the Black Cab Tour around Belfast. Cherie recommends the Black Cab Tour over the Titanic Experience saying it made her "laugh, cry, and walk away from Ireland with a whole new perspective." 

This tour trifecta, offered by Wild Rover, will take you through Belfast and the surrounding countryside. Tours start at $85 with optional add-ons. If you'd like to do this tour, book it in advance! This is a full day of sight-seeing.

Did you find this guide helpful? View and download it as a PDF to take with you!

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Bonus Activity!

This one is not on our travel guide, but it's a great way to get some extra miles (oops...we mean kilometers) in during your visit!

Each Saturday at 9:30 am, local runners in Dublin get together for the Malahide Parkrun

Walk, jog, or spectate alongside local runners to get another view of the city! 


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