June 15

2022 Mount Rainier Race Guide

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Get ready for the second Mount Rainier Half Marathon! This year, we've added a 5k to the mix to challenge you to the Sasquatch Double!

For all you runners, we know you've run mile after mile, massaged achy feet, nursed sore blisters, and now it's time to race. While you aren't running directly up the mountain — that might be a bit much — you are going to experience the rich landscape that blankets the Pacific northwest.

Before you head out to Ashford, please take some time to review the Race Guide that we have put together. It covers everything you need to know for race weekend. You can read the Race Guide and also listen to an audio version of it on our podcast. 

When you read the Race Guide, please pay special attention to the following pages:

  • Page 2: full event schedule
  • Page 2: Bib Pick-up
  • Pages 4 & 5: Overview of race weekend details
  • Page 6: Wave & Staggered Start 

Toward the end of the guide, we share how you can participate in the Explorer Club to get suggestions on what to see and do while you're in the area. When you complete the Explorer Club challenge you earn a special badge (in addition to your race medal) for completing it! Learn more here.

Charity Bibs

On race day, you may notice some people with different markings on their bib. If you look at the special indication area of the bib, you may see our Wander Project logo (a small teal circle in the top right corner), they are running as part of our Charity Bib Program.

Charity Bib athletes fundraise for their race registration. They have the option of fundraising for one of our official partners, or they can fundraise for a cause of their choice. It's a great way to add a little extra "oomph" to your running journey and it helps a wide variety of deserving causes.

To learn more about how to run with a Charity Bib or to support some of our existing athletes, visit this page!

An Evolving Landscape...

Volcanic activity at Cascade Range volcanoes has been frequent and dramatic throughout the last 10,000 years. Most volcanoes in the Cascades have lit the skies with eruptions - including Mount Rainier. At one point, a large piece of the volcano disappeared during a massive landslide, but the mountain rebuilt itself.

Ancestors of Native American tribes such as the Cowlitz, Nasqually, Squaxin Island, Puyallup, and Yakama have told stories about these seismic events for generations! Their stories often explain events like lahars (volcanic mudflow), rockslides, and eruptions that shaped the local landscape through stories of human jealousy, cosmic battles, and personal growth.

About You!

  • For 16% of you, this is your first half marathon. And 11% of you are running your first 5k. You are going to have a great time.
  • For 56% of you, this will be your first visit to Rainier National Park!
  • We have runners of all ages and places at this event. Runners from 48 states and 3 countries will be at the race! 


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