October 10

Dining Outdoors with Hydro Flask


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The onset of fall means that most of us are trying to maximize the remaining daylight that we have at the end of each day. It also means squeezing in a few more weekends of camping and backpacking before the cold weather really sets in. Unless, you're one of those folks who's invested in a high quality winter camp set up — by the way, does anyone have an Airstream we can borrow? Or, maybe fall is synonymous with football season and your household which means you have fun-filled weekends of tailgates, potlucks, and parties to stay entertained as the temperatures drop — while tension among fans simultaneously rise. 

Either way, we know that cooling temperatures aren't stopping you from embracing two of the best pastimes — eating and spending time outside. If you need a little inspiration on how to combine the two, you came to the right spot. Let's dig in and see what's cooking!

Jaunt in the Woods

You already know the drill. When hiking outside, pack out anything that you pack in. We know that you're already a champ at doing this with your reusable water bottle and day pack. 

But why not up your game a little bit? Keep your gear safe and dry (or stash a few snacks) with high-quality Dry Storage Bags. The durable coated fabric of these bags is welded at the seams to create a waterproof bag. A sturdy slider closure locks out dust and debris to keep your items safe. A touchscreen window allows you to access and use your devices without exposing them to the elements — watch out, rain! Attachment tabs make it easy to clip the Dry Storage Bag to compatible Hydro Flask gear. One person even said this was the perfect companion for a late season river float; their phone stayed dry and the bag clipped to their Hydro Flask cooler for a relaxing float. How awesome is that!?

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After Work Picnic at the Park

Weekday dinners don't need to feel deflating. Sure, sometimes all you want to do is go home and veg out on the couch and scroll mindlessly on your phone, but we think there are other fun (and often more rewarding) ways to unwind at the end of the day. A classic, casual picnic is always fun and doesn't require much effort. It's doubly great because you can make it a solo endeavor as a time to sit with a book, doodle, or meditate on your thoughts. Alternatively, invite some friends and encourage them to bring a snack or dish to share.

A warm dip like spinach & artichoke with crackers is always a hit. In our experience, there are never leftovers! Bake it as you normally would, but instead of fussing with a hot pan that's likely to make a mess in transit, we like to transfer our dips to one of Hydro Flask's insulated food jars. Use them to keep food warm and mess-free for an enjoyable picnic evening.

Backyard Bonfire

Cooler temperatures mean that everyone wants to throw on a flannel, grab a cozy blanket, and tell stories around a toasty crackling fire. Count us in too! A backyard bonfire isn't complete without some apple cider (chilled or warm) and kettle corn. The warm sweetness of cider is a welcome aroma as our noses get chilly from the breeze that shakes loose tree leaves. However you enjoy your fires, keep a Hydro Flask container of your favorite cider nearby for sweet sipping during the best season.

Game Day Gathering

We can't forget this one! Even if you aren't a sports fan, there's no arguing that there's nothing like a good game day bring folks together for lots of good food. And hey, we won't tell anyone if the only reason you're there is for the food. 

Outfit the ultimate tailgate with gear from Hydro Flask. Grab serving bowls and food storage to keep your friends and family fed throughout the day. If you're feeling extra fancy, you may just splurge for the the Kitchen Sink Bundle which includes everything a host could want!

And don't forget to keep your favorite beverage within arm's reach throughout the day. Grab a snazzy tumbler for a mixed drink or score an insulated coffee mug to keep your coffee hot — and you feeling cozy — as those outdoor temperatures drop.

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Photo credit: Chris Ainsworth


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