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Our Top 10 Gear from Nathan Sports


When it comes to trail running gear, we trust Nathan Sports to design and deliver the best in quality and performance. Why? Probably because they've been doing this for over 40 years. Their expertise extends to creating running gear for both men and women, ensuring that every runner can find the perfect fit and functionality. Nathan Sports offers a wide range of products, including running gear for women, that cater to the unique needs of trail runners, from hydration packs and handheld water bottles to reflective vests and accessories of all shapes and sizes.  

Their commitment to providing the best running gear is evident in the meticulous attention to detail and innovative features incorporated into their products. Nathan Sports understands that trail running requires gear that can withstand rugged terrains, unpredictable weather conditions, and long-distance adventures. Their gear is designed to enhance comfort, durability, and overall performance, allowing trail runners to focus on the trail ahead.

Here is our top 10 sports gear items, including running gear for women, that we think you'll need to conquer the trails with confidence and comfort.

1. Pinnacle 4 Liter Hydration Vest

We're starting out strong with hydration because it's one of the most important parts of training and competing. It doesn't matter how fancy your shorts are if you aren't properly hydrated. And, because our races are cup-free, you'll want a reliable hydration system to keep you going throughout each mile. 

We love the Pinnacle Running Hydration Vest because it offers a comfortable yet snug fit, tons of storage, and two 20 oz hydrapaks for water. With a total of 12 exterior pockets, there's a secure place to store everything you need. The rear kangaroo pouches are perfect for stashing an extra t-shirt and other layers. The two separate hydrapaks give you flexibility with your hydration; use one for water and the other for an electrolyte beverage.

Available in unisex or a women's fit. Learn more and shop the Pinnacle Vest.

2. QuickStart Hydration Pack

The QuickStart Hydration Pack is the best hydration pack for running as it uses a bladder design and comes in three sizes to meet your specific needs. The pack is available in a 3, 4, or 6 liter size. Each size comes with a 1.5 liter bladder with detachable hose for easy fluid consumption while you run. An additional front bottle pocket gives you a second hydration option. 

Unisex sizing and adjustable sternum and side straps make this pack suitable for nearly everyone. External bungee cords on the 6 liter size allow you to strap down bulky items so that you can run hands free.

Shop the 3 liter, 4 liter, or 6 liter pack.

3. SpeedDraw Plus Insulated Flask

If running with a vest or pack just isn't your thing, you might like a handheld water bottle. The handheld bottles from Nathan are an upgrade from a standard bottle. Ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand, and an added bottle holder allows you to securely strap the bottle to your hand for a fling-free grip.

The SpeedDraw gives you 18 oz of fluid carrying capacity. Attached to the hand strap is an expandable zippered pocket. The pocket allows you to carry small items like your keys, credit cards, and most smartphones.

Shop the SpeedDraw or other handheld bottles online!

4. The Essential Short

The Essential Short is exactly what it sounds like. Available for men and women, the no-fuss design fits comfortably and comes with pockets for both sexes.

The women's short is lightweight, moisture-wicking, and has a quick-drying comfort brief liner. Complete with 2 exterior side pockets and 1 zippered back pocket, the shorts offer just enough storage for small items without excess bounce while you run. 

The men’s running shorts come in two lengths — 7" and 9" inseam. A quick-drying boxer liner wicks moisture away from the skin, and the external layer is also moisture-wicking and quick-drying. The shorts have six total pockets — two side pockets, 1 internal stash pocket, 2 short liner pockets, and 1 back zippered pocket. 

Comfortable and stylish. Grab a pair for yourself and your favorite running buddy!

Shop women's or shop men's shorts.

Nathan Mens Essential Short
Nathan Womens Essential Short

5. Vamos Jacket

The water resistant Vamos Jacket is new in the Nathan lineup and we're excited to see it out on the town and on the trails. It is both water-repellent and highly wind resistant. This waterproof running jacket is made up of 4-way stretch fabric which is breathable and is great for transitional seasons like spring and fall when you may need an extra layer. 

Both the men's running jacket and the women running jacket styles feature zippered pockets to keep your personal items secure. Find your favorite color and don't let a little weather stop you from getting outside.

Shop the Vamos Jacket for men and for women.

Nathan Mens Vamos Jacket

6. Stealth Jacket

The Stealth Jacket has become a favorite among our team. Lighter than air, you may feel like you'll fly away in this jacket (we promise, your feet will stay safely on the ground, except when sprinting through the finish line!). The jacket is super packable and is easy to stash inside your favorite Nathan hydration pack. This windbreaker is moisture-wicking and quick-drying, so you won't feel clammy even in more humid environments.

Both the men's and women's jackets are hooded and have a "cord keeper" that helps to secure your hood in place. Plus, the women's jacket has a ponytail port in the hood so you don't have that annoying tug on your top-knot or high-pony while hooded-up.

Shop men's or shop women's.

Nathan Womens Stealth Jacket

7. Tempo Quarter Zip 2.0

We love a good quarter zip pullover and the Tempo is a great mid layer for cooler weather. While ideal for running and hiking, you can also wear this out casually as an everyday top. 

Made from 4-way stretch fabric, the Tempo Quarter Zip sweater wicks away sweat to keep you feeling fresh and dry. Plus, it's got thumb holes — who doesn't love those!?

Both the men's style and women's style comes in six rich colors. Express your personality and enjoy the outdoors!

8. Women's Versa Long Sleeve

Even the most active athletes need to rest. As we move through fall and head into winter, we plan to do more lounging. Whether we curl up with our favorite book or magazine, relax fireside with friends, or catch up on our favorite sports programs, we want to be comfortable while we chill out.

Yes, we love our go-to crew neck sweater that has paint stains on it, but that's not really the vibe we're going for if we have guests over for a night in. If you want to be comfortable but feel put together, reach for the Women's Versa Long Sleeve. This boxy, relaxed fit crew neck sweatshirt pairs perfectly with comfy leggings. 

And if you want to wear it for workouts, you can! The 4-way stretch fabric wicks away moisture and gives you maximum mobility. So, whether you're warming up at the gym or staying inside for the day, you'll love the buttery softness of the Versa Long Sleeve!

Nathan Womens Versa Long Sleeve e1665787375107

9. Neutron Fire Runner's Headlamp

What is a headlamp good for? Running in the dark, repairing plumbing under your sink, finding something in your dimly lit attic, searching for firewood at dusk, staying visible while road running. Need we go on?

A good headlamp is a small investment with a big payout. Take care of it, and it will last forever (just replace the batteries). 

We like the Neutron Fire Headlamp from Nathan because it offers different light functions. Set the headlamp to low, medium, high, sprint, and strobe. Plus, the headlamp also comes with red, green, and blue LED options for side strobes — these colored strobes are great for standing out on the trail or while running on the road at night.

If you plan to run any night races with us, you'll definitely want a headlamp to guide your way. Without one, you truly will be left in the dark. Grab yours today!

10. Run Laces

We couldn't narrow it down to just one pair of laces for running shoes that we like, so we're highlighting the whole arsenal of running shoe laces from Nathan. 

There's few things that are more frustrating than discovering that your shoe is untied mid-run. If you're running with a group, you have to stop, tie your shoe, and hustle to catch up (unless you have kind friends who will wait for you). Alternatively, we hate the anxiety that comes at the start line of a big race...you've double knotted your laces, but you impulsively keep checking them "just to make sure." You already have pre-race jitters, why add to your worry with laces that won't stay put?

Have we made our point clear? Make the investment and get some bungee locking Nathan run laces that won't come untied. You can thank us later. 

Shop Nathan's wide array of regular and reflective laces.


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