November 19

What’s All the Buzz About?


There's been a humming and a buzzing around these parts and it's taken us a while to put our finger on what it was. At first, we thought there was some big upheaval in the running community...someone broke a long-held course record, a new "branch" of running emerged, or this company called Vacation Races revealed a new race destination.

None of those hypotheses seemed to be correct, so we had to do some intel and talk with some of our partners to get to the bottom of things. After hours of interviews, one of our partners finally fessed up. It was Honey Stinger.

Apparently they've been motivating and encouraging others to get out and move — much to our delight! Through The Hive, athletes from around the world can connect to be a part of the Honey Stinger community. The Hive unites folks who appreciate an active lifestyle and who want to stay motivated by surrounding themselves with likeminded people. 

The best part is that joining is SO EASY! To join the ambassador program and become a Hive Member, all you need to do is create an account on and sign up for the Honey Stinger newsletter. So simple! When you do that, you'll have the opportunity to be featured on Honey Stinger's social media and you can uplevel your membership to Ambassador status.

All Hive Members have the opportunity to become a Honey Stinger Hive Ambassador by submitting an application (limit 2 applications per year). If you're accepted as an Ambassador, you'll get these perks:

  • Opportunities to Be Featured on Social, Blog, and in Brand Photoshoots

  • Exclusive Facebook Group Membership for Athlete Connection

  • Hive Ambassador Portal Access for Brand Challenges (Earns Points)

  • Points Earn Greater Benefits (Cash Rewards, Swag, Comp Entries, Event Participation)

  • Opportunity to submit Sponsorship Applications

Sounds pretty awesome, huh!? We're all about building community at Vacation Races and we are thrilled that Honey Stinger offers this option for athletes everywhere! Whether you're a big time runner, spend your days in the weight room, put miles on your bike, or love to hit the field for some good old team sports, you're part of the group. So, go ahead and sign up! Then, give yourself a #HiveFive for committing to something fun for your fitness!


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