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2023 Bryce Canyon Ultras Race Guide

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The Bryce Canyon Ultras will soon be here, and we hope that you've been training for this challenging high-altitude event. While breathtaking, Bryce Canyon National Park is no joke. The courses follow rocky dirt trails through the Paunsaugunt Plateau. This plateau is the landform on which Bryce Canyon is carved. Throughout millions of years, erosive wind and water have worn down the orange sandstone that comprises the plateau. The result? An eroded canyon that is known for its spires of hoodoos, vibrant colors, and unique position in the Grand Staircase.

As you make your final preparations for the Bryce Canyon Ultras, please take time to read the race guide and to listen to the race Vacation Races podcast. The podcast is an audio version of the ultra marathon race guide and provides the same great information in a fun, lively one-hour listen. Pop it on while you run errands, fold laundry, or whatever mundane task you need to spice up! The standard digital race guide will allow you to see where the expo is, where to park, etc. We recommend that you pay attention to these pages:

  • Pages 2-3: Race Expo + Bib Pick-up
  • Pages 7-8:  60k Mile Race Details
  • Pages 9-10: 50k Race Details
  • Pages 11-12: 30k Race Details

Charity Bibs

On race day, you may notice some people with different markings on their bib. If you look at the special indication area of the bib, you may see our Wander Project logo (a small teal circle in the top right corner), they are running as part of our Charity Bib Program.

Charity Bib athletes fundraise for their race registration. They have the option of fundraising for one of our official partners, or they can fundraise for a cause of their choice. It's a great way to add a little extra "oomph" to your running journey and it helps a wide variety of deserving causes.

To learn more about how to run with a Charity Bib or to support some of our existing athletes, visit this page!

Hoodoo you know here?

The hoodos, tall uneven pillars of stone, are one of the most recognizable sights at Bryce Canyon. Formed over millennia of erosion, the hoodos were just as recognizable to the Paiute Indians who inhabited the surrounding area in 1200 A.D. In 1936, a Paiute elder told the legend of the To-when-an-ung-wa, or Legend People, to a park naturalist. According to the legend, the Bryce Canyon area was long ago inhabited by the powerful To-when-an-ung-wa. 

Some versions of the story say that the To-when-an-ung-wa were too greedy with the land, and so the trickster god Coyote turned them into stone. In this legend, the hoodos we see today are the Legend People - some standing alone, others holding hands or interacting with each other.

You can hear more about the legend from the Chief of Interpretation at Bryce Canyon, Kevin Poe. Learn from Kevin.

About You!

  • We have runners from 10 countries and 46 states joining us for this ultramarathon!
  • 53% of you will be visiting Bryce Canyon for the first time!
  • 57% of you will be participating in your first Vacation Races event – THANK YOU!
  • This will be the first 50-mile race for 42% of you!
  • This will be the first 60k race for 54% of you!
  • This will be the first 50k race for 50% of you!
  • This will be the first 30k race for 46% of you!


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